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Security Project Implementation of Ksssim Has Successfully Been Completed


HLC successfully completed the security of the Kassim project in Pakistan. Kassim Power Station is located in Karachi, Pakistan, close to the Arabian Sea. It is the first large energy project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and has important political significance. Terrorist, extremist religious force illegal army actively existing for a long time in the location of the project, and the regional security situation is bad. In order to avoid various security risks, the project department put lots manpower and resources in, hired domestic professional security companies and adopted the technical prevention and security solution designed and supplied by our company, to protect the project operate safely.

Our company kept fully communicates with the owners and security companies in design and on-site service technically avoid the potential safety hazards and improve automation prevention mechanism.

Our company's hard work on the project has been recognized by the owner. On the occasion of delivery, a commendatory letter was sent to the project executives. The successful implementation of the security system provides security for the stable operation of the project, and also has accumulated valuable experience for the overall security solutions of HLC under complex safely conditions abroad.

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